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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:57

M-TEchX Inc.

We offer Magic Fiber oil absorbent nanofiber material

We are a company developing business with nanofibers, and we have achieved mass production with our unique production technology. Nanofibers are expected to have a huge market of several tens of trillions of yen, but it has been difficult to commercialize them due to the difficulty of mass production with conventional manufacturing methods, as well as the risk of explosions and so on during the production process. However, we have succeeded through our R&D in developing a state-of-the-art nanofiber manufacturing method and nanofiber materials that can be mass-produced. Commercialization of nanofibers is now possible.
We will continue to take on the challenge of revolutionizing all industries and improving environmental problems on a global scale by utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology.

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Sales Pitch

Nanofiber business and chemical fiber business using state-of-the-art mass-production technology
Production and sales of materials
We handle mass production and sales of nanofiber materials (chemical fibers) that can be applied to products in a variety of fields. 
High performance, mass production is possible
Low cost and easy to productize 
A variety of fiber diameters and properties 
Production with less-expensive raw materials is possible
Mass-production device development
We use our unique methods to develop, manufacture, and operate nanofiber production devices as well as for plant installation and design and other services. 
Mass production is possible
Safer production technology than conventional methods

*We are not engaged in sales etc. of manufacturing devices
Applied product development and sales
We use the materials we have developed to advance R&D and sales of various applied products, independently or jointly with various manufacturers, etc. 
[Examples of applied products] 
Oil-absorbing materials 
House-building materials, sound absorbent materials for automobiles 
Masks, apparel-related products

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