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Latest update: 15/09/2021 09:06:41

HIT Research Corp.

We provide an ultra-compact hot end which is the heart of 3D printers.

We have developed an ultra-compact and energy-saving hot end, the heating temperature of which is 500ºC, for 3D printers. We can convert commercially available 3D printers into 3D printers that can mold super engineering plastics such as PEEK. Furthermore, we are offering a service of molding PEEKCF30 (PEEK-carbon fiber), which requires a higher heating temperature than other super engineer plastics, with 3D printers.

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We have developed an ultra-compact and energy-saving hot end, the heating temperature of which is 500ºC, for 3D printers. 
Unlike the conventional method in which the entire heater block is heated to maintain temperature due to heat capacity, our new concept is to combine a ceramic heater with components with low heat capacity. We provide a hot end based on this concept. 
• Achieving a heating temperature of 500ºC, the world's highest level. (The power consumed at a temperature of 500ºC is 10W/h.)
• Enabling temperature control on an on-demand basis (A part that needs to be heated is heated for the required period of time, when necessary.)
• Less damage to the material (filament resin) thanks to homogeneous heating
Service of molding with a 3D printer --capable of molding super engineering plastics and large materials (up to 310 X 310 X 450)--
We have three 3D printers that are equipped with a 500ºC hot end uniquely developed by us and that are capable of molding super engineering plastics. While the filament is pre-heated (the heating temperature is configurable up to 200ºC), it is supplied from the drying box to the printer, to prevent the influence of moisture absorption as well as environmental temperature and to stabilize molding. The 3D printers can mold materials such as PEEK (CF30), PEEK (natural), TPI, PPS, PA, and PC. 
Of these materials, PEEK (CF30) especially excels in shape stability and is suitable for producing large objects. However, since the molding temperature is high (at least 460ºC), the types of 3D printers that can mold PEEK are limited. We can mold and create objects, which are larger than those molded and created by other 3D printers, from PEEK (CF30). 
Selling and renting 3D printers
We also sell and rent 3D printers equipped with our hot end. The temperature of the heat head, which utilizes our technology, can be increased to 180ºC.
Customizing 3D printers
Please contact us if your company is willing to purchase a new 3D printer or convert an existing 3D printer into one that can mold super engineering plastics such as PEEK or that is equipped with a special filament. We are eager to provide one-to-one consultation.

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