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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:40

kimelab inc.

Adding a glow is the closest route to beautiful skin

We provide bespoke basic skin care products (all-in packages of skin lotion, milky lotion, and other cosmetics). We have AI analyze information on the skin of 100,000 people, propose an optimal recipe for ingredients of cosmetics, and then deliver the cosmetics.

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Sales Pitch

imyme: A skin care brand for creating cosmetics best suited to you, based on data on the skin of 100,000 people
clean: Clean skin care
Our imyme brand was created from the wish that we always want to be customer-oriented and show decency to society. Trust created by delivering a skin care product that is best suited to you. A policy of specifying the manufacturing date and the expiration date to have the customer use freshly made cosmetic products. Ingredients that are safe when they are absorbed into the human body through the skin. Our imyme brand provides customer-oriented clean skin care products.
Our imyme skin care products do not contain the following ingredients: 
Synthetic preservatives, emulsifying agents, synthetic perfumes, ethanol, synthetic pigments, oil-based synthetic surfactants, synthetic polymers, or silicon. 
recipe: Selecting the best skin care product based on our original diagnosis and 100 types of recipes 
We developed 100 types of cosmetic lotion recipes that are tailored to today's diversified skin conditions. This was done based on a simple combination of beauty ingredients and on base materials strictly composed of fresh raw materials. We apply our original diagnosis to select a recipe that best suits your skin. We produce a cosmetic lotion based on the recipe after we receive an order from you. We provide you with freshly made cosmetic lotion.
freshness: Fresh cosmetic lotion that contains no preservatives
Our imyme products contain no preservatives. They are made of only natural beauty ingredients and can be compared to freshly squeezed juice. Nutrients such as vitamins actively work on your skin, so you are sure to feel the effect of imyme on your skin. This freshness means that the beauty ingredients tend to change over time, and imyme cannot be stored for a long period. This is why the imyme brand always delivers freshly made cosmetic lotion directly to customers.     

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