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Latest update: 05/08/2021 09:32:50

Space Power Technologies Inc.

Provide Power anywhere as needed.

We develop wireless power supply technologies. We employ many engineers who have rich experience in wireless power supply. We have achievements in supplying electric power to equipment such as indicators for digital picking systems and abnormality detection sensors for machine tools.

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Sales Pitch

Our mission is to realize a true wireless society. We would like to revolutionize electric power supply. Cutting-edge technology for achieving the revolution is microwave wireless power transmission. Since this power transmission method can send electric power to anywhere, this method can widely be used in places such as underpopulated areas, disaster areas, and cosmic space where there are no power lines. The microwave wireless power transmission is a drastic innovation that shatters the notion of how existing mobile or edge devices are used. We, Space Power Technologies (SPT), provide clients with means for wireless electric power supply, the medium of which is radio waves that can more freely transmit electric power than conventional power lines.
Why SPT?
We are a group of specialists who have pursued wireless technologies in various fields. Minoru Furukawa, the CEO, started developing wireless power supply faster than anybody else while  engaged in a new project of a wireless communications device manufacturer. Then, he engaged in the standardization of wireless power transmission (WPT) in Japan. As such, he is the front runner in the field of WPT. Other company members include one who engaged in a mobile communication business of a telecommunications carrier for a long period and knows mobile communications very well and another who earned a master's degree from one of the outstanding laboratories, established in Kyoto University, for studying WPT. As these specialists represent, we are a one-of-a-kind team composed of members with various backgrounds who know wireless technologies very well.
Award-/prize-winning history
We won the award of excellence in the 7th MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group) Business Support Program "Rise Up Festa".

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