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We help you with your color management

We support you with correct color management to solve the problem of different colors when the same content is expressed in different media, such as printing and photography.

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Description of our business
Expressing information and emotions with color
To enrich our lives, various information is provided in different media such as TV, computers, tablets, smartphones, books, magazines, and newspapers. In most cases, colors are used for impact and ease of use for the viewer, and for expressing priority among the information. However, when the same content is presented in different media, the colors may differ. Even if subtle differences are tolerated, it is a problem if the intentions of the producer are not conveyed correctly. In many cases, these problems can be solved by using color management correctly. We would like to give you a lead in helping you solve your color-related problems.
Color management consulting
CMYK color management solutions for printing companies, DTP, etc. in commercial printing
Color management systems solutions for large-scale commercial inkjet printers
Color management creation for production with commercial laser printers 
Color management creation for home inkjet printers
Creation of work production and color matching environments for amateur photographers

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