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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:08

Next Standard Lab Co.,Ltd.

No-melting ice cream!

We are a laboratory that conducts R&D as well as production and sales of ice cream that maintains its shape. We make exhaustive use of our patents to offer delicious ice cream that people of all ages can take their time to enjoy.

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Sales Pitch

Shape Keep Ice
This ice cream can hold its shape for about one to two hours at room temperature. 
The added strawberry polyphenol works as a bridge between the water and oil in the ice cream, so it does not melt very quickly even at high air temperatures.  
(Patent No. 5603088  "Enhancement of the shape-retention performance of cream with strawberry polyphenol")
Product introduction
Shape Keep Ice for medical use 
Pulmonary aspiration can be prevented by placing a piece of Shape Keep Ice directly in the throat (examples of application exist)  
Dietary fiber, vitamins, and supplements are added to make it easier to consume health-maintaining food 

Brain-activating ice:
Supervised by Keiju Medical Center. Mango flavor.
Contains α-GPC, an ingredient that is expected to be effective in improving brain functions such as strengthening memory and brain nerve regeneration. 
The ice cream does not melt even if a long time is taken to eat it, so it can be safely consumed by elderly people with weak swallowing functions. 

Protein Ice:
Protein is added, and one serving can provide 70 to 100 grams of protein. 
This can be used to increase strength in young and elderly people, as well as athletes.

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