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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:59:15


Cutting-edge products produced with technologies of the Edo Period

We are a manufacturer of highly functional conductive fiber. We are an innovative fiber manufacturer that has been developing and selling the world’s first acrylic radio-wave absorbing fiber as well as durable conductive fiber, and the world's only next-generation electromagnetic shield material.

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"SOL FIBER", acrylic radio-wave absorbing fiber made of new materials 
This is short conductive fiber which utilizes core-sheath conjugate fiber spinning technology for wet acrylic fiber. A fiber is formed with the fiber spinning method for conjugating two components, the core and the sheath, achieving "functionality of the fiber" which conventional technologies have failed to achieve.  
"SOL FIBER" has static elimination performance, solar light heat generation performance, and light absorbing as well as heat generating performance. Moving forward, we will consider new purposes and develop products which are combinations of SOL FIBER and other functional fibers.
"ELETEX II", a durable conductive fiber material
This is a durable conductive fiber material which excels in static electricity suppression, antibiotic properties, thermal generation properties, and durability. A metal compound (copper compound) is coated on "acrylic" which is organic fiber.
"ELETEX II", the durable conductive fiber material, is used for various purposes such as "anti-static brushes," "gloves for touch panels," "anti-static work gloves," "anti-static felt, nonwoven fabric, as well as paper," and "anti-static sewing thread for clothes, sheets, etc." to support modern people.    
"IKISOL MESH", a next-generation electromagnetic shield material. 
The development of extremely thin metal yarn and a dedicated loom led to the commercialization of metal similar to cloth, which is metallic cloth (IKISOL MESH). This is a next-generation electromagnetic shield material which has not only the high shielding performance of metal, but also the flexibility and strength of fiber. Unlike conventional plated cloth (a combination of fiber and metallic plating), metals are connected in IKISOL MESH. Therefore, it is highly electrically conductive. Since it is metal, it is highly durable.

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