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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:01

ohta LLC

Discovery and functional evaluation of naturally derived pharmaceuticals and food materials

We aim to provide a stable supply of healthy functional natural ingredients derived from fermented food or fungal raw materials based on pharmacological research. We research the functionality of naturally derived pharmaceuticals and food materials and provide companies with the results. We are engaged in R&D for health foods, and for a variety of fields including materials for cosmetics as well as the necessities of life.

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Contents of the business
Optimal Health Total Approach
With Optimal Health Total Approach as our keyword, our company has welcomed Tomihisa Ohta, professor emeritus of Kanazawa University, as the director of our laboratory. We are integrating scientific approaches with the knowledge base we have accumulated to date, to provide our customers with methods of optimizing the necessities of life.
Our company's seven fields of business
1. Developing functional fiber products 
2. Developing supplements, cosmetics, and other products for clinical use 
3. Sleep and memory supplements, supplements to prevent dementia 
4. Developing functional materials with natural ingredients 
5. Developing antioxidants with a high cosmetic effect based on fermenting enzyme technology 
6. Applications of non-melting ice cream 
7. Developing and manufacturing cosmetics making use of "moor spring" water quality improvement technology
Case Study
We are conducting applied research on non-melting ice cream using strawberry polyphenol, as well as on tear grass, the functionality of mushrooms, and other food ingredients closely related to healthy living. 
Fungi and fermented foods are difficult materials to produce consistently because the conditions under which their functionality emerges are not stable. 
We conduct R&D for methods to produce highly functional materials in a stable manner to realize a stable supply of health foods and pharmaceuticals.

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