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Latest update: 29/11/2022 20:37:31

Chusei Giken Co.,Ltd.

Providing safe NaS batteries for the era of electricity in the near future. 

We develop technologies for sodium-sulfur batteries which are safe and inexpensive high-capacity secondary batteries. We have developed a safety technology for preventing fire even if the wall of a NaS battery is damaged. We have applied for an international patent for the technology. We believe that this safety technology has made it possible to popularize NaS batteries, which will support the future era of electricity.

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Details of products and services
"NaS batteries", inexpensive secondary batteries with a simple structure 
The price is less than half of the price of lithium batteries.
There are only five basic parts.
The parts do not require any special treatment.
Reliable safety technology has not been established.
Our company succeeded in developing "NaS batteries" which bring about a lot of benefits, by solving the above safety-related problem. 
Strengths of our company
Being a small company, our strengths are to function well and be able to respond flexibly to various situations.
Okawa, the CEO, used to be a patent lawyer and deal with patents for a long period of time.
Okawa prepared his first patent specification for NaS batteries about 50 years ago. After NaS batteries were invented by Ford Motor Company, many companies worldwide, including Japanese companies, were involved in the development of the batteries. Due to this background, these companies could easily obtain technologies required for the manufacture of NaS batteries, except for safety-related technologies. As a result, they could reduce the cost of developing the batteries. 
I strongly believe that if companies capable of manufacturing NaS batteries adopt our safety technology, they can deliver secondary batteries, which are suitable for the era of safe and inexpensive electricity, to the world.  
Cultivating Japanese and overseas markets
Safe and inexpensive NaS batteries are a long-awaited product in the world. 
We would like to meet with companies inside and outside Japan to which we can entrust the manufacture of NaS batteries, so as to diffuse safe NaS batteries to the world as soon as possible. 
We would like to entrust the manufacture of NaS batteries to companies capable of manufacturing the batteries, regardless of whether they are Japanese or foreign companies. 

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