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Michiiro Co., Ltd.

Providing design services with consideration paid to post processes

We utilize 3D CAD to design industrial equipment, transportation equipment, and electrical/electronic equipment. We have strength in the design of high precision inspection devices, semiconductors and medical equipment. We provide design services that consider “productivity” and “maintainability” at actual monozukuri craftsmanship sites.

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Our main businesses are:
1) Industrial equipment, transport equipment and electrical/electronic equipment utilizing 3D CAD.
2) With the aim of developing monozukuri craftsmanship and manufacturing activities in the western areas of Shizuoka Prefecture, we provide consulting and human resource development services to companies and individual business owners, primarily for construction businesses.
・Designing industrial equipment, transport equipment and electrical/electronic equipment.
We have strength in the “high precision inspection devices” market, in which our competitors (particularly major companies) are not very competitive, and the “semiconductor and medical equipment” market, where there are few designers.
Our design services are aimed not only at improving “usability” and “safety” from the perspective of users (end users) but also improving “productivity” and “maintainability” at actual monozukuri craftsmanship sites (design services with consideration paid to post processes).
We not only engage in “passive design,” in which we solely draw to specifications that are requested or offered by monozukuri craftsmanship companies but also sales activities in which we proactively offer proposals. 
Through this work, Kawasaki, our director who is responsible for promoting this business, has acquired various knowledge, such as product operating principles and production/processing methods, and can support a wide range of operations, such as machine design, cell-line process design, digital circuit design and sequencer control.
Business examples that can be handled
(1) Machine design of product inspection equipment
(2) Design of automobile chassis
(3) Design of healthcare-related equipment
(4) Design of lifting magnets for industrial use
(5) Machine design of refrigerators
(6) Chassis design for mobile phones and smartphones
(7) Wireless microphone and security camera production technologies 
(8) Modeling and processing of trial manufacturing resin products
(9) Circuit and chassis design of alert lamps for gaming machines 
(10) Electrical design of machining centers and NC milling machines

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