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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:01

System JP Inc.

Technology to make medical devices and electronic devices what they should be

We are a manufacturer of endoscopic surgical arms and other medical care equipment and electronic equipment. We manufacture medical care equipment for surgery, measuring instruments for medical use or industrial use, equipment for inspections, and inspection devices and judging equipment for production lines. We also handle OEM manufacturing.

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Sales Pitch

Product introduction
"Lock Arm" endoscope fixation device
For one-touch quick fixation of an endoscope in the position you want 

You can quickly fix, release, or move the flexible bellows-type arm in a position that does not interfere with the doctor's work. 
It is used as a doctor's third hand. 
Light and compact design 
One-handed operation
Easy to install on the side rail 
Optional hand or foot switch
Connectible to the air supply source of equipment in an operation room
Built-in image processing unit
Simple image processing judgment focusing on a single function 

The installed CCD camera captures images of a workpiece for judgment based on image processing. 
Optimal for repeatable line inspection 
No need for the user to configure a processing algorithm 
Realizes a computer-free environment by focusing on a single function 
Reduces the cost for introducing inspection equipment
OEM consignment of industrial equipment and medical care equipment
We can make use of our extensive experience and technology to propose industrial equipment and inspection equipment according to your company's request. 
Feel free to consult us about prototyping, development, OEM consignment, and so on. 

[Track record] 
Various types of inspection equipment
Board mounting and wiring assembly
Simplified electric current inspection units, etc.

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