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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:06

PhotonLabo co., Ltd.

A company that carries out national projects for society

We develop, manufacture, and sell infrastructural measuring systems.

We were established as an organization for carrying out the technological results of SIP in society. Our main mission is to spread a system for linking and operating an image photographic system for measuring the covered surfaces of tunnels (measurement inspection: NIMM) and a system for the hammering sound of laser beams. 

By implementing the latest research findings about infrastructural measurement in national projects, universities, and research institutes, we aim to become a leading-edge manufacturer that can be the driving force for infrastructural measurement in Japan.

We are accredited as a Riken venture and as a QST venture.

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Business overview
Business model
We draft business strategies and provide guidance in relation to them, investigate and coordinate NETIS registration and other tasks, and do research on next-generation technologies.

Called a "photon lab model for implementing recent findings in society," our business model is becoming a case of implementing national projects in society led by national institutes.
Laser hammering
We develop, manufacture, and sell products for laser hammering sound systems that will be in charge of robotizing hammering sound inspection in proximity visual inspection.

[Laser hammering technology]

We are developing hammering inspection in proximity visual inspection, which is conducted in concrete for covering tunnels and other projects by laser-based remote and noncontact measurement in order to standardize determination, shorten inspection times, and record and store data electronically. 

This technology is spotlighted as a measure to combat the issues of a shortage in and the ageing of inspection specialists which are expected to occur in the future.

[Technology for putting laser hammering to practical use]

Jointly with QST, we are conducting research and development in reducing the size of such devices and in introducing artificial intelligence for determination in order to put the technology into practical use.
Measurement business
By linking and operating image measurement and laser hammering, we provide comprehensive services to maintain tunnels.

Regarding measurement for tunnel maintenance, we propose the linkage and operation of image measurement with laser hammering (robotization of proximity visual inspection and hammering inspection).

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