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peekaboo Co., Ltd.

We are the manufacturer of EPOCHAL, the only specialty UV protection brand in Japan

Japan’s only specialty brand that produces UV cut wear for UV protection.

EPOCHAL series UV cut wear products give consideration to the skin health of all generations, from infants to adults, and is the only product of its kind that has received a recommendation from the Japanese Society of School Health.

Made of Japan-made “special fibers” into which titanium oxide is woven to provide a UV cut ratio of 91% or higher, this product series focuses on functionality.

We moved to “RIKEN Incubation Plaza” in March 2020, and have been cooperating with RIKEN researchers in the inspection and research of UV-cut materials since then.

In 2018, we received corporate certification from an inspection agency under the direct control of the Australian government.

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Features of the Epochal brand
What is UV material?
UV cutting materials are made from special cloth.
It is manufactured in a way that is distinct from products in which “spraying” and “post-processing” are used, as these UV cutting effects do not last.

Epochal uses cloth woven with fiber threads into which titanium oxide is woven and which have proven to have a UV cutting ratio of 91% or higher.

Titanium oxide powder is woven into the tubes in fiber threads Titanium oxide reflects UV, providing an efficient UV cutting filter. As it is “woven into” the fiber, it does not wash off even after repeated laundering.
In addition, it has antitransparency properties despite its thinness, making it suitable for wearing in the summer.
Generational products
A series of products that can be used by a wide variety of consumers, from infants and children to expectant mothers, active men, and senior citizens.
Our products that have been recommended by the Japan Society of School Health and outfits that can be used in various occasions, from daily life to sport, have a particularly high number of fans.
Safer and more comprehensive skin protection can also be ensured using UV protection goods. By incorporating our original ideas into new products, we produce goods that are essential for outdoor activities.
Epochal brand initiatives
We are the only company in Japan to have obtained the Japan Society of School Health’s recommendation for school products. We offer UV protection lectures at kindergartens and nursery schools for parents and teachers. We conduct laboratory studies in cooperation with RIKEN researchers for evidence. We are certified by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and have obtained a UPF swing tag. We are implementing a branding marketing program in cooperation with the USC Marshall School of Business. We offer customized products.
Overseas expansion efforts
We have been striving for entry into the Australian market, which is the largest UV protection market in the world, and have been certified by ARPANSA, an inspection agency directly under the control of the Australian government. It is a brand that is unparalleled by others in terms of reliability, and we make daily efforts to achieve wider global growth.


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