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The fusion of free ideas and cutting-edge technology

We develop monitors and control systems for laser processing equipment. We offer unique and unparalleled systems that are capable of both monitoring and controlling in-line laser welding in real time.  With our unique in-house laser processing monitoring technology, we are capable of offering various proposals in the field of laser processing inspection, such as for optimization of the inspection process in laser welding and for yield rate improvements.

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Laser welding monitor
In-line laser welding monitoring

Welding defects are detected in real time. by measuring thermal radiation light, laser reflection and plume light from the fusion zone during laser welding and by setting thresholds.
Moreover, you can select between external or same-axis type beam-condensing units, and limit welding defects by feeding back the output of the measurement results to the laser device.
Ring sensor
Inline laser output monitoring

Detects scattered light around the laser to monitor the changes in laser output and dirt on the protection glass. 
It can be used to provide traceability in quality management by setting the judgment criteria for measured values and outputting quality judgments, or by outputting measurement data.
Protective glass stain sensor
Quantification of the dirtiness of protective glass

By retrofitting a glass holder that is equipped with sensors for our products as the protective glass holder in scanner processing heads, the monitoring of dirt on the glass that was previously done via regular inspections can be easily conducted through quantification and verification. 
Laser controller
Minute output control of the laser device is possible.

The laser waveform of the laser power-controllable laser device can be freely set/controlled through analogue input.
By connecting the external I/O to a PLC, systematization of the laser processing device can be easily performed.

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