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Latest update: 28/05/2021 19:10:11

Space Bio-Laboratories, Co., Ltd.

We aim to provide evidence-based medical treatment that offers full recovery from diseases from which “full recovery” is usually impossible.

“Gravite,” our gravity control device, which was designed to support research and development in regenerative medical treatment, has been adopted by NASA for its strength as a technology for the maintenance of undifferentiated cells. In addition, “RE-Gait,” our walking assistance device, not only assists post-stroke hemiplegia patients but enables the realization of gait improvement when used under the supervision of rehabilitation specialists.

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Product development
Gravite® gravity controller
It can be used as a tool for new research and development, such as regenerative medical treatment, astrobiology and drug discovery. 
Clinostat, a device which uses rotation to negate the effects of gravitational pull, uses technology that been used in gravitational biology for several hundred years, and has been used to study the effects of gravity on plants.
In our “Gravite®” gravity control device, a sample is rotated 360° around two axes that intersect each other at right angles, and by performing time integration on the gravity vector, it can be used to create not only a microgravity environment of 1/1000 G (equivalent to space stations), but also an excess gravity environment up to 3G; it is the only device in the world that can perform this function. It can be used not only for the study of cancer stem cells but for developing new research and development fields, such as astrobiology and drug discovery.
It has been adopted by the NASA Kennedy Space Center.
RE-Gait® walking support robot
It allows users to regain their "We can walk!" emotions. It assists with the plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of foot joints. Ensures accurate and safe walking. 
Once the cell treatment of central nerve systems begins, making the implanted cells function effectively as nerves leads to the earliest possible recovery for the patient. Rehabilitation is crucial to this end. We engage in research and development into walking support robots, into which normal walking can be programmed, in cooperation with Professor Rui Yuge of Hiroshima University (Graduate School of Medical Science, Research Fields) and Professor Eichiro Tanaka of Waseda University (Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems).
By assisting with dorsiflexion when the foot is swung out, it stretches the gastrocnemius muscles and causes reflexive muscle contraction, which interlocks the knee and hip joints and helps the leg swing smoothly.

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