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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:07:30


We achieve metal joining that was previously impossible.

Our product "TRUE NANO SILVER®" is a series product of silver nanoparticles with excellent nano properties. The product is produced with the "organometallic method: ligand change method" (which has obtained a Japanese patent and a US patent), the world’s first such technology. The particle diameters are in the range from 1 nm to 10 nm with an accident error of ±1 nm. In addition, the product becomes silverized and enters into a stable state at low temperatures ranging from 130 to 230ºC, and can endure a high temperature of 900ºC. Furthermore, since the formula for producing the product does not require water and vacuum, we can mass-produce the product at low cost and in units of kilograms. 

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Sales Pitch

[For metal joining] Silver nano particle paste
Electrically conductive die attach paste for semiconductor chips
Compared with the conventional silver powder paste the particle size of which is large and which contains resin, the silver nano paste made of TRUE NANO SILVER® has small electrical resistance and excels in heat resistance. Therefore, unlike the former paste, the latter paste can be used as die attach paste for powerful semiconductors. 
Lead-free RoHS (Rose) directive compliant solder
The solder is completely lead-free and can be used for soldering silver that is commonly used at temperatures exceeding 300ºC. 
Multi-purpose functional adhesive (welding agent) that can connect aluminum 
The world's first. The adhesive can not only join stainless steel to stainless steel and aluminum to aluminum, but also connect materials which could not conventionally be connected (for example, aluminum with copper and aluminum with ceramics) at low temperatures, in an electrically conductive state. 

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