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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:07:30

SK Co.,Ltd

SK Co., Ltd. produces parts developed for medical purposes and robots to support manufacturing.  

Regarding parts for automatic driving, parts developed for robots, parts for IoT devices, and shaped articles for foods as well as medical products, we perform processes ranging from designing metal molds to producing molded articles by utilizing our unique production network. We establish a plan while satisfying the client's requirements to produce products bearing the client's brand name. We are able to perform trial production, small-lot production, and mass-production.  

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Product range
Utilizing high technologies, we can produce products for a variety of industries.
As for products for automated systems and the medical field, we produce sterilized products and products made of materials whose antibacterial, sterilization, or medical grade is designated.
By considering factors such as the client's requirements, the delivery period, the cost, the product's characteristics, and the difficulty of production, we select a production base from among factories in and outside Japan which belong to our unique manufacturing network. We swiftly assist your company in manufacturing products.
Regarding materials for physics and chemistry experiments, we also deal in standardized laboratory instruments, equipment, as well as apparatus, plastic resins, and rubber resins.
[Main materials]
Silicon rubber, fluoro-rubber, synthetic rubber, natural rubber (rubber), elastomer, metals, stainless steel, PVC, PU, PP, PE, ABS resin, and PEEK (We can produce ultrafine extrusion articles from PEEK materials.)
Compression molding, extrusion molding, one-piece molding, blow molding, vacuum molding, pressure forming, inflation molding, FRP molding, hand lay-up molding, spray up molding, insert molding, injection molding (450 to 1500 t), LIM molding (liquid silicone), casting (cast molding), rubber mold production (rubber molds for foods and  nursing care/medical products), dip-forming, cast forming, and calendar-molding        
[Processing technologies]
Super-low hard molding of special-order products (degree 5, 3, or 1), antibacterial finishing (in a clean room), cutting, laser etching, luminous products, powder, coating, etc.