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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:07:29

Nippon Roll MFG.Co.,Ltd.

With "the company selling technology" always in our mind, we develop reliable technology. 

We have delivered a lot of rolling plants such as calendar rolling machines to large public companies. Our rolling plants are highly reliable. Our technology for evenly and thinly extending materials or the like by applying pressure is the leading technology in the industry. We can accept orders for products with micron size thickness. You can actually use our rolling plants in the Testing Laboratory set up in our Head Office. Since our rolling plants are totally custom-made products, we can adapt to your requirements in all stages starting from the design stage. 

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of our business lineup, the summary of our products and technologies, and other information
Contents and strengths of our business
Our business activities include developing, producing, and selling a variety of equipment for molding rubber, plastics, and metals; selling materials for water supply and sewerage systems as well as civil engineering and construction; and selling PVC pipes. Currently, we are expanding our business with the following three departments: "Roll Machinery Department" which designs and produces rolling plants for rubber, plastics, steel, etc.; "Talon Building Material Department" which sells materials for a variety of purposes ranging from water supply and sewerage systems to civil engineering and construction; and "Pipe Department" which mainly sells hard PVC pipes as well as polyethylene pipes. 
Summary of our main products and technologies
The Roll Machinery Department produces and sells mainly plastic processing machines for manufacturing artificial leather, vinyl sheets, and building materials; rubber production machinery for mixing rubber for tires as well as other rubber products; metal rolling machines; and rechargeable battery processing machines. The Talon Building Material Department delivers materials required for a variety of purposes ranging from water supply and sewerage systems to civil engineering and construction, meeting the needs of clients. The Department aims to be an "indispensable department" which utilizes a solid and wide network and carefully selects and delivers the optimum materials according to our clients’ needs. The Pipe Department sells hard PVC pipes polyethylene pipes, and their accessories, which are indispensable to water supply and sewerage systems. The base of the Department is in our Sendai Office.         
Message from the CEO & President (future activities for opening up a new market, how to utilize J-GoodTech, and so on)
Currently, we design and produce mainly rolling plants for rubber, plastics and steel and export such plants to overseas, mainly Asian countries. We set up the "Testing Laboratory" which is equipped with downsized production equipment including "machines and plants" for manufacturing products and which is open for clients to use. Many clients have used the Laboratory for freely testing their ideas and highly rate it as a place for researching as well as developing new rubber or plastic materials, and discovering, trying, or verifying new uses of such materials. Development themes and needs change depending on time. However, the essence of technologies has not changed at all. As a “company selling technologies”, I believe that the future mission of Nippon Roll MFG. Co., Ltd., is to develop products that satisfy clients' needs in the global competitive age.

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