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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:52

SANVAC Co., Ltd.

Vacuum device manufacturer (thin film devices/heat treatment oven/melting furnaces/dehydrating ovens)

A maker of vacuum devices that was established in 1995.  For more than 25 years, we have been designing and manufacturing "unique customized devices," particularly various thin film devices, heat treatment ovens, melting furnaces and drying ovens. 
We prepare our proposals according to each customer's request. Thus, our first step is to learn "everything" about their requests.

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[Company Overview]
[Business content/features]
 Our company has earned high praise from many customers, as well as their trust, through our vacuum technology that utilizes techniques such as CVD, PVD and sputtering, and heat technology such as melting furnaces, high temperature heat treatment ovens and dehydration ovens. 
[Overview of our main products, technologies, goods and services, and examples of their uses]
The design and manufacture of various vacuum devices for research and development/manufacturing, as well as sales of these parts. 
Production of thin films for semiconductors, metals and organic materials, design and manufacture of electronic/optical device manufacturing equipment, and sales of related vacuum parts. 
Sales of various recycled vacuum devices and heat treatment ovens, and their parts. 
Stylus type surface shape measuring service (film thickness level difference measurement)
Services such as the repair and overhaul of various vacuum devices
Sales of testers/measuring devices for vacuum/heat/optical/mechanics analysis, electric and electronic communication devices/measuring devices, and electronic parts. 
[Message from the representative]
 Vacuum technology is an important basic technology that leads scientific and technical fields in developing humanity's future in areas such as new materials, semiconductors, biotechnology, and micro machines. 
 To achieve technological development or solve problems in this field, we offer design and manufacturing that uses original research and development to produce devices that are based on the ideas of development researchers. 
 Our mission is to design and manufacture devices for research, development and production that provide control methods for the main factors behind physical and chemical phenomena, as well as provide experiment and manufacturing conditions (software) that can accommodate such requests. 
 Our company’s management philosophy is therefore to contribute to the building of an environmentally harmonious, scientifically and technologically creative nation 
through our "SOFT & HARDSYTEM," following our mottos of providing new technological creation and technological innovation. 

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