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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:16

Powdex Co., Ltd.

Our strengths are in surface treatment, toning, and mixtures.

Our primary products are electronic materials, automobile-related, construction materials, and cosmetics.


Sales Pitch

[Company overview]
[Business description and features]
Our main business is the surface treatment, toning and combining of powders, and we deal in a diverse range of industries such as electronic materials, automobiles, construction materials and cosmetics. When we receive a request for trial manufacturing from a customer, we repeatedly supply prototypes over a number of meetings with the customer and satisfy the customer with our approach to achieving their desired quality.
[Overview of our main products, technologies, goods and services, and examples of their uses]
Electronic materials: Ultrafine silane powder coupling treatment, thermally-conductive materials, and thermal insulation materials silane coupling treatment
Car-related: Silane coupling treatment of lightweight materials and silane coupling treatment of filler for packing.
Construction materials: Lightweight construction materials, insulation, toning, mixing
Cosmetics: Powder toning, mixing and silicone oil coating of powder.
[Message from the representative]
Powder surface treatment is responsible for maximizing the qualities of the powder.
A prerequisite for that is that the qualities of the polymers and rubbers that are combined must be maintained as much as possible.
The “POWDEX” in our company name conveys the limitless demonstration of the qualities of powder, by combining POWDER and X.
Since our establishment, we have always been seeking to learn technologies for powder surface treatment, and we take pride in sincerely responding to the needs of our customers based on the idea that learning technologies are connected to high quality services. When we receive trial manufacturing requests from customers, we have a series of meetings and provide a number of iterations of the prototype to satisfy the customer with our approach to achieving their desired quality.
We have long-term relationships with our customers because they hold our business style in high regard.