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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:16

MEDRx Co., Ltd

We possess unique transdermal formulation technology

We are focusing on applying our core technologies to the development of formulations that take advantage of the benefits of transdermal administration (avoidance of first-pass effects, adjustment of administration time, improvement of medication adherence, and so on) and also solve the hurdles of existing technologies (skin absorption improvement, PK profile improvement, biological drug administration, and so on).

We specialize in developing transdermal formulations of drugs that match the advantages of transdermal administration, drugs that are difficult to administer transdermally, or drugs that do not fully utilize their potential through oral or other routes of administration.

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Unique transdermal formulation technology
ILTS (Ionic Liquid Transdermal System) - A unique technology for transdermal formulations utilizing the characteristics of ionic liquids
Ionic liquids are salts with a melting point below 100°C. They are also known as room temperature molten salts.

With their low melting point, high ionic conductivity, high polarity, non-volatility, and non-flammability, they are being considered for many applications, including solar cells and environmentally friendly reaction solvents.

We were the first in the world to discover that the transdermal permeability of a drug can be dramatically improved by converting the drug into an ionic liquid or by dissolving the drug in an ionic liquid.

To date, we have accumulated (1) a library of ionic liquids that are considered safe by combining compounds that have a proven track record of use in the human body, (2) know-how on selecting ionic liquids suitable for improving the transdermal penetration of target drugs, and (3) know-how on formulating ionic liquids containing drugs into easy-to-use forms (e.g., pastes and ointments) while retaining their properties.

The proprietary transdermal drug formulation technology that includes this know-how is collectively referred to as ILTS® (Ionic Liquid Transdermal System).
KENZAN Micro Needle Array Patch
A Micro Needle (MN) array is a collection of micro needles several hundred micrometers long made of biodegradable resin and so on. Our developed product has a shape similar to the Kenzan device used in flower arrangement, reduced in size to several hundred micrometers.

MNs are attracting attention as promising administration devices that enable painless percutaneous self-administration of vaccines, nucleic acid drugs, protein drugs, and so on, for which injection is the only means of administration, and are expected to have higher immunological effects in vaccines and immunological diseases than conventional injectable drugs.

Our investigational drug factory started operation in April 2020. 

We have a system in place to manufacture GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard products that can be administered to people in clinical trials and the like.

In January 2021, our MN investigational drug factory also completed an expansion of its facilities, focusing on biosafety measures to make it possible to handle pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and genetically modified organisms used in vaccines.

In parallel with our development of technology for mass production, we are currently conducting feasibility studies with several pharmaceutical companies and vaccine ventures in Japan and overseas, while seeking business alliances.

Our group believes that a self-administrable MN vaccine formulation can contribute to maintaining the medical system in the event of a pandemic and to improving public health in areas where medical infrastructure is not yet in place. This is why we are committed to R&D for their practical use.

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