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Latest update: 01/10/2021 14:55:41

Universal Shell Programming Laboratory, Ltd.

We use our Unicage development method to provide fast, inexpensive, flexible, long-lasting information systems

We provide systems developed from scratch that are fast (developed in a short time and run at high speed), inexpensive (low initial costs and operation costs), flexible (easy to modify and alter for many purposes), and long-lasting (no need for periodic updates). 
We have a mission to show the world that it is possible to build most information systems based on simple descriptions with a shell script. We are constantly researching, developing, verifying, and demonstrating our computer system building methods (the Unicage development method).

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Sales Pitch

Unicage development method
Fast and early
By combining highly sophisticated usp Tukubai commands with a shell script, you can develop a fast system (a system that runs quickly) early (in a short period of time). Corrections and improvements can also be made much faster than with conventional methods.
Inexpensive and easy
The development cost is less expensive in general because systems can be developed in a short period of time. The shell script itself is easy to understand even for non-experts, because you can check the results of each process visually.
Flexibility and longevity
Because our system can handle data of any nature and can flexibly respond to changes in the environment, we can create systems that can continue to be used for a long period of time without a great deal of effort to cope with requests for improvement.



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