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We aim to realize a sustainable society by creating innovations for the future, providing various products and services, and solving social issues.

We provide everything from in-house product sales to engineering services based on our development and proposal capabilities with our thorough knowledge of the IoT.

We have extensive experience in developing for edge, fog, and cloud computing as well as apps.

We have a wide range of development experience from PoC to full-scale system construction.


Sales Pitch

Connect anything, easy to operate, low cost, and quick IoT construction & full-scale edge computing
SpeeDBee Hive
SpeeDBee Hive collects information from PLCs, sensors, machine tools, cameras (video), and so on, using a "collector." It then aggregates data with different sampling rates (collection intervals) into a specified format (CSV, etc.), and performs real-time data analysis (high-speed memory processing) such as basic statistics, moving averages, and FFT. At the same time, the data is made persistent (backed up) as a DB in storage for a certain period of time.

The persistent real data and analysis data can be sent from an "emitter" to cloud or on-premises servers for integration with AWS, Azure, and other services, as well as with existing systems.

In addition, server functions (OPC UA, DB service, DB replication) enable data linkage with peripheral systems (business applications, etc.) and graphical tools.
i-Trigger is a solution package for monitoring short-period stops in the manufacturing industry.

By attaching the system to existing equipment, when an abnormality occurs on the production line, the system automatically extracts numerical data from PLCs and sensors before and after the event, as well as video data captured by cameras, and saves them in a specified file format.

A viewer is also provided that allows simultaneous viewing of video data with PLC and numerical data from sensors linked on a time axis, enabling visual confirmation of the situation at the time of an abnormality.

These can all be configured and operated using the Web application provided in the package.

i-Trigger provides the following functions.
(1) Data collection function (data collector)
(2) Time-series database function for temporarily storing and backing up various collected data groups
(3) Trigger function based on data threshold judgment (alert transmission)
(4) Data cutout function and data compilation function for time periods before and after a trigger event
(5) Recorder function for output to a file in a specified format
(6) Viewer function for linking PLC and sensor data with video
SpeeDBee is an embedded database with a relational structure (RDB), key value store structure (KVS), and time series structure (TimeSeries). It has been used in many data management systems, including for machine tools, home electronics, measuring instruments, communication devices, IoT systems, and real-time analysis.

Based on the design concept of being a database dedicated to embedded systems, it has a small module size of 50 KB to 700 KB. This is a structure that can withstand continuous system operation, and provides support for various search algorithms for a wide variety of data retrieval as well as excellent portability as a DB engine for multiple platforms running on TRON, Linux, Windows, and non-OS environments.

The TimeSeries database supports basic statistics, FFT, and user-defined functions as a function for compiling data with different sampling rates, and real-time analysis in units of windows.

In the future, it will also support regression analysis, AI analysis, and so on, which will make it applicable to systems including outlier detection and prediction through data prediction functions.

As options for SpeeDBee, we provide a data collector that collects data from PLCs, sequencers, and various sensors in FA, an analysis server that analyzes the collected data in real time, and a data connector that links to OPC UA, replication, and cloud computing such as AWS and Azure.

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