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Latest update: 01/10/2021 10:52:30

Okino Robotics Co., Ltd.

We develop and produce experimental/research robots and service robots, and offer drone application services.

In our robotics business, we create a basic concept and conceptual design from what the user wants and the kind of robot they have in mind, and embody it to the point where it can fulfill its purpose and become operational.

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Sales Pitch

Embodying what you want to do!
Devices related to mastication, the oral cavity, and the maxillofacial region
Humanoid mastication experiment robot 
Parallel mechanism robot for temporomandibular joint disorder exercise therapy
Head robot for oral care training 
Vocalization robot to simulate the lungs, vocal cords, and oral cavity 
Head robot for vision research
Mastication robot for food evaluation
Rehabilitation device, humanoid robot
Robot for rehabilitation training 
Double-arm occupational therapy robot 
Humanoid double-arm mobile robot 
Power assist scissors for hairstylists and beauticians to prevent tendonitis
Six-axis bilateral master manipulator 
Seven-axis master arm 
Long, large arms (10m in length) 
Large drone with hammering test arm for infrastructure inspections 
Wireless mobile equipment for narrow space inspections
Drone-related services
Filming with a drone, compiling 3D data based on the images, producing 3D models