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Ranger-Systems Co., Ltd.

We are pioneering an exciting future for communications

Our company has a wealth of experience in the planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of mobile networks, including LTE/4G and 5G. We provide one-stop services for all devices, mobile products, LAN, cloud services, and applications. We are also promoting DX by making use of IoT devices and application programs we developed ourselves. We deliver rare value to our customers with our wide range of technological abilities and experience in the field of networks in general.

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1. Support for introducing local 5G
We have a one-stop service support system for all processes related to local 5G
Using our mobile network and wireless technology, you can leave it to us for all processes from planning to operation. 

1. Planning 
We will propose an optimal plan, including the frequency band to be used, SA (Stand Alone) or NSA (Non-Stand Alone), and other conditions, after receiving your input about the purpose, application, location, required performance, and so on.

2. Selecting products 
We select products by examining various aspects. While handsets, base stations, and EPC/5GC are relatively easy to procure, SIM procurement is more difficult than preparing the network and has a significant impact on the schedule for introducing local 5G. Our company is knowledgeable about SIM from our MVNO support, so we can provide flexible and quick support. 

3. Applying for certification 
You need to apply for a license under the Radio Act to introduce local 5G. There are many documents that need to be prepared in-house, and specialized knowledge is required. Although the know-how on license application is still not widely available, we can help you obtain a license because we have the experience of supporting the first SA configuration in Japan to obtain a local 5G license.

4. Construction 
In the construction phase, base station installation and other works are required. We will also carry out radio wave measurement, registration inspection (by a registered inspection company), and completion inspection (by the Bureau of Communications), which are required for license application.

5. Operation and maintenance 
Our company has an extensive track record in operating and maintaining mobile networks. We provide operation and maintenance services with optimal monitoring design for 24 hours all day, every day.
Planning and proposing optimal options for you
We listen to your needs, and if you do not necessarily need local 5G, we can propose an optimal wireless system for you according to your application and budget, including options other than local 5G. 

Local 5G 
Self-managed BWA 
Private LTE (sXGP)
We can also offer support just for necessary processes
We can also offer support just for necessary processes such as license applications, taking advantage of our experience in supporting the licensing of the first SA (Stand-Alone) configuration in Japan. Among our other services, our local 5G implementation consulting has also been well received. 

(*We are currently receiving many inquiries, so contact us any time to find out the contents of the support we can provide, the timing, and so on.)
2. Private LTE (sXGP)
Bringing LTE to offices just like Wi-Fi
By using sXGP, a communication method that uses unlicensed frequencies, LTE base stations can be installed like Wi-Fi access points. We prepare the LTE equipment, called EPC, for each customer, so the procedure is as simple as installing an LTE base station.
Complementing locations where there is poor reception of communication carriers
This equipment can accommodate LTE-enabled devices like smartphones and IoT gateways, so you can install it in a location where it is difficult to get signals from communication carriers to complement the area.
Can be used in conjunction with your current LTE line
With dual-SIM/dual-standby devices, you can use both your current SIM card and a private LTE SIM card at the same time. This allows you to receive calls from both outside and inside lines without having to be aware of the difference. You can anticipate improvement in business efficiency and productivity by consolidating multiple uses in one device.

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