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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:51

HES Co., Ltd.

Please contact us if you have any cloud-related issues, such as adopting or optimizing cloud computing.

[Business Description and Features]
Support for infrastructure design, construction, and operation design
Consulting on cloud usage (support for cloud lift and cloud shift)
DX promotion consulting (remote work, back-office IT implementation, centralized log management and visualization )
IT engineering services


Sales Pitch

AWS, Azure, GCP, and Aliyun
Optimizing the Monitoring of Multi-Cloud Environments
The complexity and cost of monitoring operations in both on-premise and cloud environments are increasing. As a proposal to reduce the cost of monitoring operations, we design and build an integrated monitoring infrastructure to monitor on-premise and cloud computing in a unified and cross-sectional manner.
IT Implementation Services for Back Office Environments
With the advancement of digitalization, the need for quick decision-making is increasing.  We can help you build a serverless office environment with our SaaS service.

[Examples of Environments]
Slack, Zoom, freee, backlog, internal portal site*.
* We will develop after reviewing your environment.
Data Visualization Solution Service
"We want to identify previously unseen areas for improvement and root causes of problems by correlating and visualizing scattered information and data."
"We want to develop business plans quickly based on real-time data."

Based on such requests, issues, and the business they are working on, we support our clients in setting the goals and objectives of data visualization with this service.

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