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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:15

Tamura Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We flexibly support individual needs, from precision-parts processing to assembly.

Are you concerned about reducing the cost of machine processed parts?
Feel free to try our cost performance, made possible by our select group of skilled staff.
We respond to requests for estimates by the following day. We use VE proposals to improve cost performance, based on the experience that we have obtained in a wide range of industries.
We contribute toward addressing cost, delivery and quality issues for our customers, mainly through our five-axis machining centers.

We can arrange everything from small to large processed items, sheet metal, and resin to purchased items, all at once. We also do assembly in-house.

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Sales Pitch

Corporate appeal
[Business description]
Precision parts processing and assembly 
We process and assemble manufacturing machine parts for major manufacturers in a wide range of fields, including vacuum equipment, semiconductors, liquid crystal, optics, foodstuffs and automobiles.
[Business line]
Vacuum equipment machine parts
Semiconductor manufacturing machine parts
Optical equipment manufacturing machine parts
General labor-saving equipment manufacturing machine parts
Automobile manufacturing machine parts
Electronics/electrical industry parts
Foodstuffs manufacturing machine parts
[Other business items]
Liquid crystal machine-related parts
Connector manufacturing-related parts
Optical and analytical equipment machine parts
FPD equipment parts
[Processing classification]
We can also process 3-m long rail parts. (The width is 250)
[Processing classification information]
Major classification; Secondary classification; Minor classification
Trial manufacturing and development/small volume production, machine processing, general-purpose milling, tapping machining in small lots (of a single item or more)
                    Iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium
                    alloy, nickel alloy=, molybdenum alloy, machining (resin), simultaneous five-axis
                    processing, milling (resin), lathing (resin)  
Trial manufacturing and development/small-volume production: NC machine processing, machining (vertical), NC milling, NC lathe processing, and combined lathing 
                    Machining (horizontal), 2.5D-compatible, and 3D-compatible  
Trial manufacturing and development/small-volume production: Electrical discharge processing and wire processing  
Trial manufacturing and development/small-volume production: Grinding, plane grinding, and mold grinding  
Trial manufacturing and development/small-volume production: Welding/bonding, CO2 welding, TIG welding (argon welding), and arc welding  
Trial manufacturing and development/small-volume production: Jig manufacturing, general jig manufacturing, welding jig manufacturing, and jig manufacturing for mass production  
Trial manufacturing and development/small-volume production: Prototype processing, plastic prototype processing, welding, and small item prototype manufacturing  
Assembly and inspection: Assembly, precision equipment assembly, industrial machinery assembly  
Parts manufacturing: Machine parts, vacuum parts processing, optical parts manufacturing, and shaft/roller manufacturing  
Product manufacturing: Production goods, other industrial machine manufacturing, labor-saving equipment/automatic machine manufacturing, and machine manufacturing for packing  
                    Vacuum equipment manufacturing: Hydraulic equipment manufacturing, foodstuffs machine manufacturing, and chemical machine/equipment manufacturing  
Product manufacturing: Plant product manufacturing, plant equipment manufacturing  
Product manufacturing: Medical equipment manufacturing, medical equipment
[Materials processed]
SUS, AL, iron-based, copper, brass, and others.

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