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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:14

HCI Co., Ltd.

A technology maker that gives shape to new dreams

We operate the only robot center in Minami-Osaka, where you can see, touch and learn many actual robot systems and AI systems. The robot center allows all manner of people, from corporate personnel to the general public, to experience robots up close. We also offer special safety training that is necessary when teaching and inspecting robots, and perform familiarization activities as a robot base.

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Cables, wires, tubes, sheet manufacturing equipment, and test equipment
Features (strengths)
Our strength as a cable manufacturing machine maker is in machines that twist wires, called wire twisting machines, with our unique tubular wire twisting machine for magnetic bearing-type extra-fine wires capable of twisting 7 single φ9μm wires thinner than human hair at 6000rpm, the fastest in the world, and without vibration. In addition, the wire twisting machine equipped with a wireless tension feedback system we developed in-house uses high-speed transmission cable for data center use, cable for automobile use, and cable for robot use.
System integrator for robot systems and AI systems
Features (strengths)
We have systematized the robot systems for cable manufacturing that are disliked by many robot systems integrators using the cable manufacturing expertise that HCI has cultivated over many years to manufacture and sell a wide variety of products. Our multiconductor wire harness auto manufacturing robot system and inspection AI system in particular are equipped with an inspection AI system that uses image recognition that we developed in-house and have deployed in a custom-made application. Regarding AI systems, we are developing reinforcement learning and natural language processing.

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