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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:49

Cyfuse Biomedical K.K.

Practical applications of innovative biotechnology 3D printing technology

Our core business is the development of regenerative medicine products in the field of regenerative and cellular medicine. Based on biotechnology 3D printing technology, we aim to bring 3D cell products into practical use, and provide patients with new treatment options that have never been available before.
The practical application of 3D cell products will realize a revolutionary approach to treatment in regenerating lost organs and functions, and will greatly contribute to the advancement of medicine by satisfying unmet medical needs that have not been satisfied by conventional surgery and treatment methods.

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Product introduction
Biotechnology 3D printer
We are promoting the development of 3D cell products produced using a biotechnology 3D printer for practical use as regenerative medicine products for regenerating various tissues and organs such as bone cartilage, blood vessels, and nerves. At the same time, we are also promoting development to practically apply these products as pathological models to elucidate the mechanisms of various diseases and drug screening tools to evaluate the efficacy, toxicity, metabolism, and so on of new drugs.
Our regenova is a biotechnology 3D printer that creates three-dimensional tissues by stacking spheroids on an array of microscopic stainless steel needles arranged in various shapes, like a "kenzan" holder used in flower arrangement.
Our S-PIKE is a biotechnology 3D printer that arranges and fixes spheroids on a single needle, then aligns the needle to create three-dimensional tissue.

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