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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:07:29

Thermo Engineering co.,ltd

Thermo Engineering Co., Ltd., a reliable manufacturer, distributor, and maintenance service provider of industrial electric furnaces

With the technical expertise of our experienced engineers, we fulfill our customers' needs for customization and provide comprehensive services, including design, manufacture, and maintenance. Also, as an electric furnace manufacturer, we actively conduct proposal-based sales, provide advice from technical perspectives, and deliver equipment that meets customer specifications.

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Sales Pitch

Product Outline, Business Description, etc.
Product Lineup
Sintering furnaces: Pusher type sintering furnaces and mesh belt type sintering furnaces
Baking furnaces: Mesh belt type baking furnaces and pusher type baking furnaces
Annealing furnace: Mesh belt type annealing furnaces
Drying furnace: Forced hot air exhaust dryers, hot air circulation drying furnaces, and halogen heater drying furnaces
Hardening furnace: Mesh belt type hardening furnaces
Steam furnace: Batch type, continuous type steam treatment furnaces
Gas generator: AX gas decomposers and endothermic gas transformers
Exhaust gas combustion equipment: Used for sintering furnaces, baking furnaces (with LPG), steam furnaces (with LPG), drying furnaces (with LPG), and baking furnaces (with electric heating)
Maintenance and Energy Saving Services
Our maintenance service includes:
• The manufacture and replacement of heaters (manufacture of new heater-related items, replacement of oxidation furnace floor plates and heaters).
• Expansion of exhaust gas combustion equipment (installation).
• The manufacture and replacement of furnace core tubes and water-cooled tubes (manufacture of new furnace core tubes and new water-cooled tubes).

Also, as an energy-saving service, we install heat-insulating and heat-retaining covers on the preheating and sintering sections of sintering furnaces to save energy in the furnaces.
Representative’s Message
Established in October 2008, our company manufactures electric furnaces for industrial heat treatment. Electric furnaces are widely used in automotive, metal heat treatment, semiconductor, electronic parts, and other industries, and we manufacture equipment that can handle a variety of products. In September 2015, our plant was relocated to Yorii Town, and we have been manufacturing and delivering energy-saving electric furnaces that are in high demand to our customers.

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