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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:53


We solve your problems in resin and plastics processing.

Manufacturing industrial resin parts and plastic products in small lots. 
"From general-purpose plastics such as PVC, acrylic, PET, polycarbonate, nylon and POM, to super engineering plastics such as PPS, PEEK and polyimide, as well as rare materials such as CFRP and elastomer, we can solve every resin processing problem with our machining and manual processing techniques.  “

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We support small lots with resin processing and plastic processing that do not require molds.
We support micron units with the power that is unique to resin processing and plastics processing.
[Capable of high precision]
The following three conditions are necessary for achieving high precision in resin parts.
1. Constant-temperature environment
2. Advanced machining skill
3. Inspection facilities that guarantee precision.
1. Resins and plastics are materials exhibiting a high linear expansion coefficient. Minute fluctuations in temperature cause immediate changes in measurements at the micron order.  At our company, we perform everything from processing to inspection in a constant temperature environment at 25 ± 2℃ and we guarantee that the measurement is recorded under this temperature condition. 
2. In metalworking, measurements of the 1/100 order are commonly achieved through grinding.  However, with resin, the selection of grindstones and clamps is often; therefore, it is necessary to use machining instead.  At our company, we use our unique blades and clamping techniques to perform machining without applying stress to materials and achieve proper measurement. 
3. To achieve high precision, methods to measure it are necessary.  At our company, measurements are conducted by inspection professionals who are able to optimally use various types of measuring equipment, including gate-type 3D measuring devices.
We love unusual materials.
As both resin and plastic are historically new materials, material manufacturers are constantly developing new materials.  In addition to new materials, there are many ways to create mixtures or composite materials. This is so true that even specialists like ourselves don't know everything.  Our company has many technicians who have the spirit of "try it first."  Our unique blade and clamp technologies are also useful here.  The technological difference becomes particularly evident when working with hard or soft materials. 
Achieve quick delivery by consolidating processes.
While they are all called resin processing and plastics processing, they involve many procedures.  As we perform a diverse range of processing in-house using integrated production, including machine processing with milling machines and lathes, plate processing such as bending, bonding and welding, and surface treatments such as buff polishing and blasting, we are able to offer quick delivery. 



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