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From the connectors used for the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa," H-IIA/B rockets, and so on, to general industry

We are an importer, manufacturer, and distributor of connectors, harnesses, electrical equipment, and their components. Our products are used in a variety of industrial fields ranging from such extreme environments as aviation, national defense, and space to medical care equipment and high-speed communications where high reliability is required, and familiar industrial fields such as general industry. We also handle various types of products conforming to standards, such as MIL-standard products, JAXA-approved products, and ESA-approved products.

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As the Nihon Maruko International Group
Through technical cooperation with overseas manufacturers, we produce products in Japan that conform to overseas standards such as MIL and ESA. We have technological and development capabilities including harness assemblies and so on, which allows us to provide products with the highest quality that can be customized according to your requests. 
Also, by producing most of our products in Japan, we can realize quality assurance and quick after-sales service.
Handling special orders
Harness manufacturing 
We manufacture cables and harnesses as well as connectors. We can process connectors, cables, shielding, protection using thermofit tubes, and even harnesses using third-party connectors and cables. By providing us with information on your equipment, we can undertake connector proposal/selection, connector/cable adjustment, processing method proposals, prototype creation, and management of harness technical documents and quality assurance documents. 

3D design
In the past it was difficult to determine the exact length of harnesses that connect housings from the drawings, so prototypes were made and actual harnesses were used to determine the route and length. Our company can easily confirm the shape of a harness by expressing it in a 3D drawing after you provide a harness based on a 3D design using SolidWorks or CREO (Pro/Engineer). 
We also examine the route at the same time, so it is possible to understand any interference, bending position, and so on of a harness before we produce it. 
In addition, we can also design and manufacture mock-ups of a designed harness, and use the mock-up to process it for forming so our harnesses can be delivered in a finished state, making it easy for our users to assemble them on actual machines. 

Custom connector design
We design and manufacture customized and specially ordered connectors. 
We can satisfy various different requests that are difficult to achieve with existing standard products or conventional products, such as space saving, compounding of various contact sizes, waterproofing, airtightness, and so on.

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