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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:30

utzper Inc.

We provide edge AI solutions under the concept of providing speedy, inexpensive, and clever AI

AI has been trendy, but has had difficulty producing results. This is because it took time to introduce AI, and it was costly. The hurdle was high for introducing AI, and people wondered if introducing AI could really handle activities that people perform. But please don't worry about it! AI is now more relaxed. We provide AI for you under the motto of providing speedy, inexpensive, and clever AI.

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Sales Pitch

High-precision image sensors with built-in AI will streamline operations in your factory
Phoenix Vision service for developing AI models for image recognition
Developing image recognition models
Implementing edge devices
Full-fledged introduction and installation
High-precision, inexpensive image-recognition edge AI can deal with the speed of production lines at manufacturers! AI allows you to see things that are moving quickly.
Phoenix Insight SaaS specializing in edge AI
Alert notification function
Screen describing reasons for AI judgments
Data collection for relearning
The SaaS can be connected to any edge device and makes it possible to use edge AI for your business.




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