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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:07:29

MIYAMA Electron Co., Ltd.

Miyama Electron can handle all your cable processing, wiring, soldering, machine parts assembly, and mounting needs!

Cable processing and assembly of electronic parts are precision work that requires a wealth of experience. Miyama Electron is a group of specialists in this field who work to improve their skills every day and continue to take on the challenge of creating products that will please customers.

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Business Description, Overview of Products and Technologies, etc.
Business Description and Features
The soldering process for cable substrates, which is becoming more sophisticated every day, has yet to be automated. However, our company, which has many skilled workers, has a great deal of experience and absolute confidence in our ability to solder all types of cables, including coaxial cables and UL-standard cables. In addition, we take the utmost care in manufacturing products susceptible to airborne particles, such as by working in clean booths. As a result, our skilled workers deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers.
Overview of Main Products and Technologies
Laser jacket cutters and laser shield cutters enable the terminal processing of thin coaxial wires without losing their electrical characteristics. We can provide high-quality products by using machines that utilize the features of each cutter: the jacket cutter for cutting the resin coating and the shield cutter for cutting the shield portion.

Our main equipment includes soldering robots, cable testers, transmission characteristic test instruments, press-fit machines, fully automatic side lengthening, cutting, and terminal stripping machines, cream solder coating dispensers, and pulse heat soldering machines.
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Miyama Electron was established in April 1982 as an electronic measuring instrument manufacturing company.

Back then, most of the work was done by hand because many of the processes could not be automated. Later, we started to manufacture semiconductor test equipment and have been involved in many operations, both manual and automated.

In the process, we refined our skills in ultra-fine coaxial cable wiring and narrow pitch precision soldering and received high praise from our customers. With the motto "Quality is the basis of management," we worked on QC circles, VE proposals, and other daily internal activities for many years, which have helped raise our employees' level and motivation.

We will continue to improve our technology and manufacturing to deliver better products to our customers.

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