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ASAMI inc.

Pioneer in Cutting and Processing!

Asami is engaged in the cutting of super alloys, super difficult-to-machine materials, high-hardness materials, and general materials (from very large to small) using band saws, as well as the integrated processing of sputtering target materials.

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Business Description, Overview of Products and Technologies, etc.
Business Description and Features
Our main facilities include 20 band saw cutting machines ranging from very large to tiny sizes and a large machining center. Our main business is the cutting and processing of superalloys, super difficult-to-machine materials, and target materials. The scope of our cutting service includes cold cutting of high-hardness materials using band saws, which eliminates thermal effects and the need for post-processing. As for sputtering target materials, we provide an integrated service covering de-canning, periphery processing, slicing, and post-processing of ingot-shaped materials.
Overview of Main Products and Technologies
Aside from cutting multiple individual pieces, our band saw cutting service is used by material manufacturers, material trading companies, and manufacturers to collect test pieces (TP) for tensile and destructive testing, which is essential in the quality assurance field.
Band saw cutting is less expensive than wire cutting and water jet cutting.

The band cutting service is used for collecting test specimens (tensile, compressive, bending, shear, Charpy, micro, macro) for certification of new products, cross-sectional observation by destructive testing, observation of flawed areas found by ultrasonic inspection, as well as for analysis of cracks and piece wear that occurred during and after use of products. The sample can be cut and collected without any heat effect.

We have cutting machines (up to 2100x1700) and cranes (up to 20 tons in weight) to cut various specimen samples for materials, including very large materials as described above.

Our track record includes:
(1) Destructive testing of newly manufactured materials, aircraft engine shafts, construction machinery parts, etc.
(2) Sampling for analysis of molds, castings, and other parts that cracked during use.
(3) Sampling of parts that were found to be incompatible in testing during the manufacture of materials and many others.

In addition, we have the technology and machinery to cut products in various shapes by cutting from two directions, such as diagonally from a single large plate by using a band saw efficiently, with less labor, and without much waste.

Compared to securing more than one material, you can save labor during the inspection process by collecting multiple pieces of the same quality from a single large material.
Applicable Materials and Shapes
In addition to common materials, we handle difficult-to-machine materials (e.g., high manganese steel, high hardness cast iron), titanium (pure or 6Al4Ti, etc.), heat-resistant steels (e.g., Inconel), hardened cast steel materials (FC/FCD, etc.), SUS materials (316L/630, etc.), and other materials (high-hardness flame coating materials, etc.). We process the above materials regardless of the size, and we can also deal with composite materials (copper + resin, non-ferrous + carbon) with our technology and cutting ability.

In terms of shapes, we can handle very large materials (2100 x 1700 x length for square materials, φ1700 x length for cylindrical shapes, 4000 x width x thickness for plate shapes, etc.). We can also work on irregularly shaped materials such as rings.

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