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We provide a one-stop solution for interior products

We provide the world with a one-stop service for interior products and materials, ranging from original Monozukuri craftsmanship to construction and exports. We have the top share in the field of ready-made curtains in Japan, and we sew fabrics we plan ourselves at our group factories (in Japan, China, and Indonesia) with state-of-the-art technology. We also provide interior materials (wall and floor materials) with unique functions from other group companies as well as installation guidance.

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Our company's business solutions
Merchandise development 
Our Monozukuri craftsmanship begins with listening to our customers for their requests. 
Our expert staff research lifestyles, design trends, and market characteristics to develop and provide optimal products in terms of fashion, functionality, and price strategy.  

National network 
Our business operations are always based on the principle of putting the customer first. Our sales network extends from Hokkaido to Kyushu to support our customers throughout Japan. We value dialog and pursue customer satisfaction as an excellent advisor, rather than just sales. 

Proposals for shops 
We back up our customers by providing meticulous support including information on hot-selling products and marketing, analyzing regional characteristics and customer structures, and pricing policies. We also offer proposals from the front line of the market for creating attractive sales floors and sales promotions with effective product assortments and displays.
We have one of the largest picking capacities in the industry, capable of handling shipments of up to 50,000 pieces per day at our warehouse with a storage area of nearly 40,000 square meters. 

National network 
We have our own physical distribution network and use airlines for distribution to locations throughout Japan. We thoroughly monitor the status of shipments and arrivals, and we are capable of joint deliveries and high-frequency deliveries.  

Advanced distribution system 
We have established a logistics system using IT equipment to provide speedy, high-quality services from receiving to storage and shipping. We aim to improve the quality of logistics as well as the accuracy of inventory management by improving the efficiency of office work and the accuracy of operations through a system that supports all types of order situations (Web and EOS).
We have a production capacity of 17,000 sheets per day, or 46,000 square meters in area. 

We have introduced the most advanced equipment to satisfy the needs of the times, and the synergistic effect of our high-grade sewing technology enables us to provide a stable supply of high-quality products. We ship only products that have cleared quality check items based on our own standards. 

Safety management 
Curtains are indispensable for daily life. Because they are essential and necessary products, we want them to be used with peace of mind. Our company has needle detection equipment at every factory for thorough inspections before shipment. It is our mission to provide safe products. 

Our unique IT system enables central control of all processes from receiving raw materials to shipping sewn products, which improves the accuracy of our operations. We can supply our customers with stable-quality products in a speedy manner.
About matching for overseas business expansion
Looking for sales partners
We are building a system that will enable us to sell our curtains and the interior products (wall and floor coverings) of our group companies around the world.

Calling for sales partners 
We are looking for sales agencies and distributors that can take charge of sales promotion in each country. 

Export business outsourcing
We have a contract-based service to help enterprises that have difficulty in establishing their own system for exports due to issues like a lack of experience or know-how, or not exporting very often.
Unique high-quality functional products
We produce high-quality products using know-how cultivated in Japan. 
The functionality added to our products is optimal for current lifestyles. We provide added value that cannot be found in overseas products. 

Popular functions 
Wave shape memory treatment 
100% light-blocking, thermal insulation, UV blocking
Anti-virus, anti-bacteria 

Anti-virus, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal
Stain prevention, scratch resistance 

[Floor material] 
Anti-virus, anti-bacteria 
No waxing needed
We aim to organize a Japanese-style construction system that optimally matches the characteristics of our products so they can even be adopted overseas with peace of mind. 

A follow-up system to help you with construction 
Taking orders at prices including material cost and labor 
Providing construction guidelines
Providing construction guidance sessions and training sessions on-site 
Providing construction materials from Japan


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