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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:34

Nihon Sacas Co.,Ltd.

One-stop system for production processes of precision plastic parts which include manufacturing, adhesion, welding, and assembly

Our Aqua Business Division provides total production of water environments, including live fish aquariums and equipment for aquariums. Our Plastic Technology Division processes various plastic materials (through manual processing or machine processing) which include parts of liquid crystal displays and semiconductors.   

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Our company pursues the happiness of all our employees and contributes to the community and the nation.
Processing acrylics, resins, and plastics
We conduct NC machine processing, acrylic bonding, and polymerization, as well as polishing, vinyl chloride welding, and bending.
Manual processing by skilled engineers
Our skilled engineers can make fine adjustments that are difficult to perform with machines.
High efficiency with all processes executed in-house
We execute all processes in-house, from material procurement to processing and thorough examinations. This allows us to deliver products in short delivery periods and at low cost.  
We produce comfortable water environments tailored to client needs
There are various potential scenes of use with water environments. Our project system can deliver total production of processes ranging from planning to design, architecture, and construction by skilled engineers.
We provide comfortable water environments and satisfy customer needs with our high technology and creative ideas. The more difficult the request, the better we can make use of our experience as well as our technology and processing strengths.

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