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Latest update: 03/04/2023 15:48:58

LINKS ARTS Corporation

The Cambrian explosion of "machines." We embed "eyes" and a "brain" in all machines.

Currently, regarding "embedded image processing," there are various types of high-speed interfaces, including CPUs (central processing units), FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), memory, image sensors, and MIPI (mobile industry processor interfaces), as well as multiple elemental technologies, such as deep learning, all of which are rapidly evolving. This trend is a major obstacle for users to absorb "embedded image processing."
In LINKS ARTS Corporation, excellent engineers correctly combine cutting-edge image processing technologies, and then provide optimum ones for clients.

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Sales Pitch

New option as an image processing platform
Smart camera with an embedded processor
Regarding conventional image processing platforms, the unit prices of general-purpose ones (a PC + a camera) are high, and it has been said that their cost performance cannot easily be predicted when development is customized.  
Accordingly, we combine know-how in cameras for industrial purposes, which has been nurtured by us, with technologies for incorporated substrates, providing clients with the optimum platforms that meet their requirements.