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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:35:02

Ichikawa Kensetsu Corporation.

We help to ensure efficient and effective swage management and maintenance

Ichikawa Kensetsu Corporation’s strengths are as follows:
(1) Technical ability (research and repair techniques using most advanced equipment).
(2) Mobility (deploying specialized construction teams),
which help us to achieve a “quick and safe sewage maintenance system” for your company.

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Sales Pitch

Technology and mobility are our selling points
Technical ability (examination and repair techniques using the most advanced equipment).
(1) We proactively study the most updated research results and repair techniques and have made a number of achievements.
• Research work contracted from Yokohama City, which is at the forefront of sewage maintenance
• Research work at sites where construction works are difficult (heavy traffic and heavy flow rate)

(2) We accommodate from detailed research to screening research
• We have many achievements in detailed inspection by TV camera (in Niigata Prefecture, the Shutoken area)
• Many achievements in screening research (research using TV cameras or pipe head cameras)

(3) Pipe rehabilitation work is also available
• We make efforts to learn technological skills regarding rehabilitation of pipe lines and manholes and anticorrosion of manholes.
(Paltem Systems Association, MLR Kyokai, and Association of FRP Method Technology)
• Track record of performing construction works using Paltem Flooring Method (large diameter pipe culvert) (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Mobility (deploying specialized construction teams)
(1) We can accommodate requests flexibly as we have a dedicated team for sewage pipe maintenance.
• We can provide on-site support with a dedicated team.
• We can save time and effort for hiring.

(2) We can accommodate orders not only from local areas but also from remote areas.
• We can accommodate orders from outside the prefecture.
• As we never decline any orders, we can win our customers’ trust.
Mobility (equipped with specialized units and dedicated equipment)
TV camera vehicles (two units)
• Pipe head cameras (two units)
• Lateral pipe cameras
• Water stop packer vehicles (cement and urethane)
• High-pressure road washing vehicles (4 t)
• Powerful vacuum vehicles (4 and 8 t)


水工 提案書.pdf

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ