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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:48

Web Rocket

We are a Web production company specializing in the manufacturing industry

We are a Web marketing company in Kodaira City, Tokyo, specializing in creating websites for manufacturers, factories, and BtoB. With our own DIAgate media to publicize Japan's technology to the world, we provide on-line factory tours, study sessions, and experiential sessions.

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Sales Pitch

Web production and Web strategies to enhance your sales promotion capabilities
We are a Web strategy and Web production company specializing in the manufacturing industry
We create optimal websites and provide SEO measures, create English-version websites, and provide English-version SEO services for BtoB businesses such as factories and manufacturers. 
We support you to get inquiries, by expressing your strengths online with special emphasis on on-site interviews.
We have extensive experience in SEO. As of December 2019, we had 4,548 keywords with first-page listed results on Google. 
We have a website creation team in the Philippines and can handle English-version website production.
Online factory tours
Would you like to demonstrate your work site for your customers or to the general public just like a trade show? We conduct study sessions and experiential sessions about on-line factory tours. Please access our website for more details.
Operating DIAgate Monozukuri craftsmanship media
We operate our own DIAgate Web media to spread the technology of SMEs to the world. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our interview. [Free of charge]