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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:50

Veterinary Imaging Support Co., Ltd.

We are the only company in Japan that specializes in technological guidance for X-ray and ultrasound testing in veterinary medicine. 

We are specialized in veterinary image diagnosis. Based on many years of experience and skills acquired in this field, we possess imaging technology that allows us to obtain pictures offering high diagnosability, and we are particularly adept at X‐ray examination and ultrasound examination.
We provide information on examination technologies and related knowledge related through workshop-style seminars and online videos for veterinarians.

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Education and guidance on techniques and methods for small animal ultrasonography
Web video distribution service for techniques and methods used in small animal ultrasonography
There are approximately 12,000 veterinary clinics, and about half of them conduct ultrasound testing. While the image diagnosis of the results from ultrasound tests is regarded to be as important as X-ray diagnosis, expert scanning skill is required to obtain results with high diagnosability when performing ultrasound tests. 

Repeated practice of basic scanning methods is important to acquire expert scanning skills.  Therefore, we provide a training kit that allows practice "whenever, wherever, and as many times as you want," which supports the improvement of diagnosability through the improvement of scanning skill. 

Video streaming service for echocardiography
Echocardiography requires high quality and reproducibility of footage to measure the condition of the heart and hemodynamics.  This service offers a curriculum that is prepared according to the skill of each participant, 
from beginners to experienced persons, and offers training in obtaining footage that has high diagnosability. 

Beginner course
 This course is for learning how to apply ultrasound probes (position, direction and angle), 
 and teaches the fundamentals of producing basic cross-sectional images of the heart.
Experienced person course
 Once you have learned how to extract basic cross-sectional images, this course teaches the knowledge and skills that are required for 
 improving the precision and reproducibility of images. 
Measurement course
 This course teaches the skills required to analyze the condition of the heart
 and hemodynamics.
Ultrasound scan course for individual diseases
 This course teaches the methods (scan method/measurement method), 
 observation points, and evaluation points with respect to common heart diseases to
 acquire practical skills. 

Video streaming service for abdominal ultrasound
Master course for abdominal ultrasound
 This course is for learning how to apply ultrasound probes (position, direction, and angle)
 and the fundamentals of basic cross-sectional imaging for each organ.
VR plan for teaching techniques and skills in small animal ultrasonography
Due to the introduction of regulations on alternatives to animal testing in the Law of Humane Treatment and Management of Animals, the usage of living organisms in: 
Practical training at universities
Post-graduation practical training for veterinarians 
is becoming increasingly difficult, and alternative teaching materials that can replace living organisms are required. 

In response to this situation, our company is promoting the improvement of practical scanning skills of workshop participants by providing online video streaming services. However, there are still some problems. They include:
Obtaining the animals used in the training
Securing support staff to hold the animals
Acquisition of measuring skill in ultrasound inspections 
Acquisition of measuring skill in hemodynamics measurement

[Problem solving method]
Using our ultrasound test technology in VR makes it possible to solve the problems listed above, and allows participants in our workshops to conduct practical training on their own, from anywhere. 

[Development of VR ultrasound testing methods]
Enabling collaboration with veterinary colleges and vets who are specialized in each field. 
Promotion of joint development with companies that are able to construct VR systems. 
We are currently looking for a company who can build VR systems. We are waiting for agreements with companies that are adept at VR.