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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:51

Tuchidukuri Suishinkikou LLC.

Consulting, soil analysis, and sales of self-developed soil analyzers, on soil in general for farmers

Closely connected to farmers, we use our soil analyzers to analyze soil characteristics, especially humus, to support soil improvement.

We also sell our own Sanso-kun oxygen water generation system product as part of our soil improvement expertise.

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Sales Pitch

Dr. Tsuchi soil analysis kit for soil analysis and fertilization management
Nutrient concentrations can be measured by simply using the dedicated Dr. Tsuchi app to photograph a soil extract colored with a special reagent.

You can analyze the soil right in the field to manage fertilizer and compost application, and manage soil nutrients, CEC, and other parameters for each field.
The solution from Sanso-kun oxygen water contains enzymes. It activates crop roots to promote crop growth and increase yields.




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