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Latest update: 21/04/2021 14:04:54


New “MMP Technology®” surface finishing technology from Switzerland

We can do high-quality, high-precision surface finishing.
We create new value with MMP Technology®, which can remove uneven surface coarseness in part surfaces.

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Surface finishing with applications in various fields and materials
Aviation/power generation engine parts
Regarding aircraft and power generation parts, we can finish to Ra = 0.1 μm or less and remove milling marks while maintaining the shape of parts such as blades, blisks, and impellers with high precision.

For companies that are concerned about finishing by hand taking a long time, variations in quality, and a lack of suitable craftsmen, we can solve such concerns by undertaking contract processing of surface finishing.
3D printer model
We have a track record of finishing 3D printer models with a mirror surface of Ra = 0.05 μm while maintaining the shape such as sharp edges.
Multipiece plastic injection molding dies and molds
There are also many advantages of using multicavity plastic injection molds in applications such as bottle caps.
MMP is a batch process performed in a tank, and can be used to finish many parts with complicated shapes uniformly.
Work efficiency has improved in some cases owing to the consistent surface quality.
Although we hear of high-level hand-finishing craftsmen beginning to retire, MMP processing can be used as an alternative method.

For companies that have issues with variations in quality and a lack of suitable craftsmen for finishing work, we can solve such concerns by undertaking contract processing of surface finishing.


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