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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:42:00

Seiwa Supply Co.,Ltd.

We satisfy all kinds of needs, and deliver trust to our customers!

Please leave it to us if you are in trouble with purchasing metal materials, hardware, electronic products, electric wires, special coatings, adhesives, plastic materials, and so on for aviation and space use.

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Introduction of our business and overview of products and technologies, etc.
Our business and strong point
We import and sell materials and components related to the aviation and space industries 

Our company imports and sells products and materials related to the aviation and space industries (AMS, MIL, QQ, ASNE, ASTM, and other product standards). In addition, we provide processing, sales, and so on. We do our best to support Japan's aviation and space industries.
Overview of major products and technology
We mainly handle the following four categories as our major business categories. 
Metal materials: AMS, MIL, and Boeing standards and other metal materials 
Hardware, electronic products, electric wires, etc.: AN, MS, and NAS standards and other hardware, electronic components, and electric wires 
Coatings, adhesives, chemical products, etc.: Coating, adhesives, and other chemical products 
Plastic materials: AMS and MIL standards and other plastic materials