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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:58

Kawada Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing, sales, analysis, and R&D of minerals extracted from rock

We are developing two main businesses: production of mineral products, and soil analysis consulting. Both of these businesses focus on minerals that make up rocks, and we conduct various R&D in agriculture, food, cosmetics, and other fields.

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Sales Pitch

Harmonization with nature
Mineral products
[Mineral materials extracted from natural rock]
[Raw materials for cosmetics and agricultural activators] 
It is said that life was born in the sea. 
Life forms have been constantly evolving and developing for a span of more than three billion years, and still contain minerals of the same quality as those in the sea. We make use of these minerals extracted from rock to provide mineral products in various fields such as cosmetics, food, and agriculture.
Soil analysis
[Advanced analytical capabilities as soil analysis professionals] 
We have been conducting research on water and minerals for thirty years. Our researchers have qualifications as "environmental measurer" certified soil analysis professionals, and have a variety of expertise relating to soil. 
We analyze problems of soil from three viewpoints: (1) problems of physical properties, (2) problems of chemical properties, and (3) biological properties. We make proposals based on an accurate understanding of customer requests, and also make proposals for fundamental solutions to problems by digging deeply into the very nature of the problems with respect to customer requests.
Support for your business through various forms of OEM
Our company provides OEM services with the Mineral Factory Series including Mineral Cosmetics, Mineral SPA, Ishi-no Shizuku, Minori, Natural Rock Extracted Mineral Liquid, and more. Various business operators including cosmetics manufacturers, food manufacturers, and agricultural material manufacturers are selling them under their own brands. 
Our factory in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture has the production line for our Mineral Factory Series, so please contact us if you are interested or curious. We will do our best to satisfy your requests including the required minimum number of lots for shipment.