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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:21:47

Japan Bio Farm Co. Ltd.

Research on organic cultivation techniques that contribute to conserving and restoring the natural environment and human resource development for new farm producers.

Our company is an organic fertilizer distributor and a producer/distributor of bait for aquaculture. We also provide cultivation consultation services and suggest the appropriate fertilizer amount based on soil analysis. Soil analysis along with proper fertilization and management lead to high quality and high yield.

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Soil Analysis
Soil analysis is for understanding the chemical properties of the soil, nothing more and nothing less. The significance of soil analysis lies in narrowing down the issues by focusing on the chemical properties rather than physical and biological ones, as the chemical properties of the soil are the most critical factor for crop production.

When we are faced with a problem such as crops not looking right or yield and quality not improving, we need to find out what the cause is. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell whether the reason is excess or deficient nutrients in the soil, soil pathogens, or deteriorating physical properties just by looking at it.

This is where we come in. We eliminate the various possible causes one by one and narrow down the causes. Soil analysis is one of the ways to narrow down the list.
Fertilization Design
In order to achieve good results in organic cultivation, it is essential to apply the fertilizer that the crops need appropriately. It requires (1) soil analysis to find out how much fertilizer and nutrients are in the soil and (2) fertilizer design to determine what kind of fertilizer to apply (and how much) based on the soil analysis data.

However, quite a few people use the same fertilizer design all the time. They probably keep using the same design for reasons such as hard-to-understand soil analysis data, past failure with the given prescriptions, or the fertilizer design when the crop condition was good feels the most reliable. Or, they might decide to use more lime than usual this time, using their intuition.

Proper soil analysis and fertilizer design are vital for continued success in organic cultivation. The roots of organically grown crops become active and absorb more nutrients, and the nutrients in the soil decrease faster. Without additional fertilizer, your yield will often drop due to insufficient fertilizer. In addition, even if you grow the same crop, the amount and balance of nutrients in the soil vary every season. Fertilizing based on a hunch will result in unbalanced nutrients, which will not improve yield or quality. In addition, there is no guarantee that the soil will not become a hindrance for crop cultivation due to the excessive accumulation of nutrients.

Therefore, based on the theory of organic cultivation and numerous repetitions of trial and error, we developed a software program that can quickly tell you how to apply lime, magnesia, potassium, and other fertilizers that significantly impact organic cultivation.
The "BLOFware.Doctor" farming support cloud service was created through collaboration between Japan Bio Farm's BLOF theory and NTT Comware. It helps you prepare the soil to grow delicious rice in large quantities.