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Techno Venture Ltd., are specialists in the bio field. We also manufacture a range of specialized devices, including agricultural devices in areas that are currently under development, such as biomass, through extended research. 

In the field of agribusiness, we sell mushroom beds with fully clarified manual. We offer a business model for the production of mushrooms that are "safe, reassuring and delicious, and enable circular agriculture" and that can substitute natural mushrooms. Together with producers, we sell mushrooms from various regions under a unified brand.  We have also started to produce by‐products.  In the bio field, we are examining the refinement and commercialization of by-products.
We regard B to C to be most important, and we wish to pursue consumer satisfaction and added value as we continue to offer the technologies that we have developed as open innovation.

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Sales Pitch

Responding to social health measures, consumption trends, and environmental awareness that will change with corona
If you are interested in the food industry or the agricultural industry by entering different industries as self-defense
Our "fermentation mushroom bed," which uses our already established core technology, is the polar opposite of the existing mushroom industry, which uses typically Japanese industrial production methods. It uses a cutting-edge "bacterial flora," which is a grouping of bacteria, to produce products that human can eat, namely "mushrooms". Thanks to this bacterial flora, the used mushroom bed is decomposed quickly by the large amount of bacteria and can be reused for soil-based agriculture as rich organic compost. On the other hand, the mushroom bed can also be used, for instance, in plant factories.  While the technological progress of food factories (closed and sunlight types) is fantastic, they cannot cover production of all the food that is required in Japan or the entire world. Moreover, owing to the differing suitability of different plants, most current production is of greens and tomatoes, and many products that humans need, such as cereals and root vegetables, cannot be produced by plant factories owing to either limited yields or technological shortfalls. This implies that farming is certainly not going to disappear. Much research and technological development for farming is underway, and in recent years, the number of consumers who demand healthier production methods has tended to increase. However, farming is a difficult business because it is labor-intensive and only allows limited investment in human resources owing to weather risks and yearly fluctuation of operation performance, whereas at the same time, market prices also fluctuate significantly. Therefore, our mushroom beds can be used to cover human operations and supplement sales by utilizing them in existing facilities (greenhouses). We expect it to be finally used as compost.  We believe that companies that operate plant factories can also use it to shift to farming-combined operations to market and sell multifaceted products that fulfill a variety of requirements. 
As one can see, it is a technology that is also suitable for SDGs and ESG investment, and it will be highly effective for the IR of companies and farms who are interested in using it. 
Stress-free for the environment and people
The manufacturing process used by our company is fermentation.
As this can be done with a small amount of tap water and electricity, ovens or oil boilers for sterilization are not necessary. 
We utilize the aptitude of Earth’s microorganisms to produce products made by microorganisms that contain many edible and healthy substances for humans. As it enriches the soil when the used mushroom cakes are returned to the ground, this is a healthy production method for both humans and the environment. 
We all know that industrialization by humans is a major factor in both the unknown effects of the Coronavirus and in global warming-related disasters around the world.
"These mushrooms are produced in an environmentally friendly way."
"And the people producing these mushrooms are also environmentally friendly."
We believe that "co-creation" instead of "competition" is the keyword for protecting the environment and our health in the future. 
Our mushrooms are "stress-free". They are safe, reassuring and can be used for any type of cooking.  And the are also stress-free for the environment of our planet. 
Immunity enhancement
Depending on the use case of the contained components (refining and direct processing), we can change the type of mushroom or the primary processing used, such as sun drying or machine drying, calculate the cost and offer processed goods or extracted components. 
For instance, more than 50 times more vitamin D is produced by drying oyster mushrooms in the sun instead of drying them with a machine, and a large yield of golden oyster mushrooms, which are rich in expensive components such as ergothioneine, can be easily produced using simple facilities. 
If you are interested in food, processed goods and refined substances with a main focus on immunity boosting, please consider our products. 
[Biomass related]
Do you not study biomass in IOT fermenters?
The "Mush-Fermenter" that we have developed controls the installation room environment.
It is a machine that enables free programming of temperature, stirring and ventilation inside the tank.  It also enables more advanced fermentation the further control of parameters such as aerobic and anaerobic respiration, temperature, humidity and ingredients, or through adding sensors.  Moreover, the process can be monitored, and its data can be obtained, remotely.
Applications in other areas, such as biomass, are also expected. If any companies and research institutions are interested in undertaking joint research, please feel free to contact us. 





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