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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:29

Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd.

Processing and sales of high-function resin parts for semiconductors, liquid crystal, chemical and medical equipment, food producing machines and general industrial machinery

Under the slogan of “technology that creates imagination,” Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd., aims to achieve the ultimate monozukuri craftsmanship by fusing digital and analog technologies to always make full use of cutting-edge 3D and machine processing technology.

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Machining technology
High-precision processing
By arranging processing conditions that are optimized to resin material properties and shapes, we can achieve the processing accuracies that are requested by our customers.
Precision micromachining
We have processing conditions and equipment that are sufficient to accommodate dimensional and geometrical tolerances at μ scales, and have established an inspection system for the verification of micromachined products.
Microdrilling work is affected even by slightest vibrations, so we perform the processing in vibration-resistant environments with controlled temperature and moisture.
Free-form surface processing
For free-form surface processing, we use high-precision five-axis simultaneous control processing.
Welding and thermal deposition (PEEK)
We offer high-precision welding and thermal deposition using PEEK resin, which has excellent heat-resistant, chemical resistant and abrasion-resistant properties.
Lapping and polishing processes
We also engage in parallel/flat lapping and flat polishing processes
3D technology services
Achievements in the medical, robot, and automotive fields Contributing to workload and cost reductions.
“We want to utilize 3D printers; however, limited manpower implies that we cannot handle design and data preparation” ---.
If this applies to you, please consult with Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd. We engage in a number of product designs using 3DCAD in the medical, robotics and automotive fields, and our engineers who specialize in 3D printing support your design work. Our strength lies in the experience and expertise that we have cultivated as a machine processing manufacturer. We transform our customers’ ideas into reality while considering the best processing methods and cost as well as the overall optimization. Please utilize the engineering skills that we have cultivated to help you save labor, reduce the cost of design work, and speed up the trial manufacturing process.
Production system
We produce precision products under stringent control at a total five manufacturing sites on a daily basis; four machine processing factories (Sendai, Shiga, Osaka, Oita), and a 3D technology development and manufacturing base (Kobe).