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Latest update: 30/07/2021 16:33:50


Aircraft Manufacturing Business (aircraft assembly, coating, and inspection)

Our company performs everything from structural and outfitting assembly to coating and quality assurance for aircrafts. We mainly receive orders for the main wings and fuselage (rear). To continue corporate activities in Japan, where labor costs are high, we are trying to break away from the labor-intensive business model. For example, in aircraft assembly, we are working on automating assembly and inspection operations by introducing Japan's first automated equipment and developing original image processing systems.


Sales Pitch

We handle all aspects of aircraft fuselage manufacturing based on our technology and know-how in assembly.
Establishment of an Integrated Production System Involving All Stages of Assembly
We established an integrated production system to handle the entire assembly process, from structural assembly to coating and outfitting assembly. Our focused and efficient process design enables us to meet the demands for delivery and cost. In addition, we are actively expanding our technological domain to cover a wide range of items, mainly wings and fuselages, and have built up an extensive track record as an expert in fuselage assembly.
Our company introduced a push-pull type coating booth equipped with temperature and humidity control functions as well as a dust removal system, which enables us to provide consistent coating quality from sanding to drying.  In addition to coating-only needs, we offer total solutions covering product assembly to coating. By smoothly linking the assembly and coating processes, we can shorten delivery time and reduce costs. 
Quality Assurance
To meet the high safety level essential for aircraft parts, we established a quality management system with strict rules. It covers human resource training for technological and awareness improvements, work process formulation for product uniformity, and the establishment of a checking system for consistent quality. As a result, our quality management system obtained the JISQ9100 certification for compliance with international quality standards.