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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:34


We are a small factory equipped with multiple horizontal boring machines. We perform highly technical boring and horizontal boring in a short delivery time.  

There may be no other examples of a small-scale company that is equipped with multiple horizontal boring machines (seven units).
This is why we are able to receive orders for single products at a time and provide them in the desired short time. We are able to process various workpiece materials. We can perform all processing methods from rough processing to finishing.   

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Sales Pitch

We particularly excel at processing single products in small lots using our horizontal boring machines
Our strong points in general cutting processes
We actively process all types of metals and non-ferrous metals regardless of their materials and shapes.  
We also perform rough cutting processing of materials with a machining allowance that is generally large and which are thought to damage processing machines. This includes materials such as forged steel, cast steel, and cast iron.
For welded structures and canned products, we process materials including thin materials that may cause chatter marks, heavy materials, and distorted materials.
We can also place orders for the above materials.  
Our strong points in drilling
Small diameter deep-hole drilling in natural materials
[We can perform deep-hole drilling in materials, creating a diameter from about 5 mm and up to about 60 times the depth. (The processing range depends on the diameter; 60 times is about 10 mm in diameter.) Please contact us for details.

Large-diameter deep-hole drilling in natural materials
[We can perform deep-hole drilling in materials, creating a diameter of up to 150 mm. The maximum drilled depth can be as deep as 600 mm (in one side) when the diameter is about 150 mm. Please contact us for details.]

*In the above cases, we do not use any dedicated equipment (such as a gun drill and BTA), and carry out integrated working processing with a horizontal boring machine. This is how we can receive orders for later processes including tapping, sheet surface finishing, and boring finishing.

As you can see from the video on the top page of our website, we can drill deep holes that require an indentation or holes in a workpiece far away from a through-hole freshly drilled by the horizontal boring machine, which are difficult to be drilled with a gun drill.      

Crossing holes
[We have experience in drilling internal diameter crossing holes (boring holes) with diameters ranging from about 12 mm to about 750 mm, depending on the hole depth. (H tolerance) Processing in excess of this is possible. Please contact us for details.]
Advantages expected from collaboration with our company, and how to effectively use our company
Placing an order with us for only machining:
We can make use of horizontal boring machines to perform integrated working processing to finish a product in-house. This reduces the cost of transportation between warehouses, which prevents delays in delivery time and can achieve quick deliveries.
We are a small company, so we do not charge an administration fee.

*We do not compete on price for machining. To be honest, there are limited advantages to using our company to produce a simple product with a long delivery time. However, if you are not focusing on cost, and require a manufacturer to produce a single product in a short delivery period, we are sure that you will be satisfied doing business with us. Please use our company effectively!

We are a small company, but our business partners, which are descrobed abpve, include general steel manufacturers, forging manufacturers, and casting manufacturers. This is how we can receive orders for material procurement, for example. Furthermore, we can collaborate with welders and fabricators for processes such as heat treatment and shotblasting, so we are ready to have business talks for performing various integrated processes.   

Quality control:
Our company does not have employees who only engage in inspections.
Generally, we mainly perform measurements using calibrated micrometers and digital vernier calipers. Only for cases with a tight tolerance (including the tolerance between pitches) and so on, we perform intermediate finishing, have our business partner use a laser tracker and measure the reserving space for cutting, and then perform finishing. Furthermore, since we can ask our business partner to use a 3D-coordinate measuring machine to make measurements, we believe that clients can rely on our quality.
*These quality control measures are linked to our concept that we do not add extra management costs to product unit prices by having unnecessary measuring instruments under normal circumstances.